This is Tomas Ford, an entertainer from Australia who is working very hard and religiously to learn Bahasa Malaysia. It’s very funny and hilarious 🙂 . To me , this is cool. Give him, 5 years, and surely he can be very good at it.

Visit him here – Tomas Ford Youtube


Nevertheless, everything that he did in this show was amazing. We can understand all words that he said. Bravo Tomas. He said he loves Malaysian Foods especially Rendang and Ketupat. Those are malaysian famous traditional menu, that normally served by all Malay families during Hari Raya. Without it, then the celebration won’t be perfect. Imagine thanksgiving without  turkey in the menu. Weird huh!.

Not to forget, he also wish Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysian. Well, you are welcome Tomas :D.

The most interesting part is, the way how he did ‘Qu Puteh Qu Puteh’ gesture.  So cute and lovely. 😀 . ‘Qu Puteh Qu Puteh’ is a special gesture made popular by Dato Vida, the brand owner herself which is very popular over here. It means “Let’s use Qu Puteh’s Product for fairer and beautiful skin” . err more or less like that .

Maybe you guys should try it “Qu Puteh Qu Puteh Baru lah Puteh”.

Dato Vida trademark

Our Reaction

Congratulation Tomas. We love you …



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