We would like to bring you another good youtube video on the internet. It’s very amusing but really showcase thing that happen around us. This time around we have a humor video from a talented youtuber:  Shazreen Fazlynda . Kindly check her channel and subscribe.


This short video comes with sub title. So you don’t have to be worry guys, to keep guessing what they are mumbling about.

In life, it’s common to have a house mate. You may find one during your schooling , undergraduate or even your early working days. Yes, as long as you are not get married. Here in Malaysia, since everything gets pricey and keep hiking up non stop, cost of living is ridiculously crazy just like everywhere else … surely to cut cost and saving as much as you can would be our utmost priority.

Rent a house in Malaysia would averagely cost you 700RM for a decent apartment and easily reach Rm2000 a month for a non furnish landed house. This already our  1 month salary for majority of us. We haven’t include our overhead cost and other expenses yet else most of us will “mati keras”  .

Hence, we have no choice… but to find a housemate who can help to offload our expenses, burden and share our good and bad 🙂 .

Yes, you guys definitely have a lot of memories with your housemate. They could bring joys to us, or even get you to be stress out like hell. Since they are the closest with us, in the same space, well… we are like brothers and sisters already. Hence, to be tolerance and respect each other would do it. Not to forget to be caring and empathy as well.

This is the moral value of this video.

Our Reaction

Cool!, we enjoy and love it so much.


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