Youtube trailer for Batman vs Superman movie from WarnerBros

#Of course, this is the most awaited movie in this Year 2016

#Already started showing on TGV but I believe shall be full house in this 2 or 3 weeks.

#Base on trailer, look very promising. We can see Batman is wearing special robotic or machine like suit.

#Superman , as always a super sexy hero. Hence making it more interesting on how 2 favourite heroes can have a duel and gruesome moment.

#Weird, while we sometimes might have bad moment with friends, but that does not last very long normally.

#I’m waiting my turn to watch this, plan somewhere next week.

#Base on  IMDB average review , this movie is category Ok with 7.3/10 as of today.


IMDB Review

IMDB Review

# IMDB is a credible website that use to be one of my reference before booking

#Basically anything better than 7, should be worth watching.

#So we now have 2 camp. Which one are you?

#I’m with Superman.

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