# Malay Song covered by talented Khai Bahar & Siti Nordiana
# Very entertaining, simple, but enough to glue us till the end
# Good job for both
# As of to date the view on youtube is 3,021,568 . Among the top for Malaysia


Khai Bahar

# Khai Bahar has his own account on youtube for quite sometimes, but never been noticed until late today.

# He is the example of the power of social media. His rendition or duet I might say via Smule has viral and penetrate to all level of audience . Instagram brought me to his youtube just for your record 🙂

# His tenor voice is very pleasant to listen to. His tone is light but sounded familiar among pop singer or at least malay ballad song in early 90s or 2000s.

#If we browse his youtube, surprisingly he can perform any kind of song that he likes regardless genre and capable to compose melancholic song.

# Whether he can be success in year ahead or not, hmmmm that is a big question.



# We predict that he will be one hit wonder.

# I don’t see any super artist charisma or special aura from him.

# But with hard work, and good material, he still can reach there but with more times.


Original Singer

# Below is for the original by Legend Vocalist : Achik, Nana

(Smule) Memori Berkasih - Khai Bahar & Siti Nordiana
E! Meter7.5
7.5E! Meter
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