AAn amazing service from Maxis. It offers sharing pool or bucket that can be used by either you yourself and principle line. Oh yes, with your device as well.



#It is good to know what is the limit quota that we can pool and whether the bills can show the details user of the  line base on every usage.

#If possible I would like to have the control, to allocate the portion that each members can have.

#If your son is the most active data user which is very understandable with Gen Z, I don’t want him to be the cannibal of the data pool.

#Pricing RM48 for 5GB. I still do think it’s quite pricey. Still we need to know whether the data can be carry forward or not.


Our impression

#Great Feature and offers a lot of flexibility to customer

#But I want my data to be able to carry forward and have control over allocation of each members.

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