Our Diva for review this time is Shila Hamzah.

She is a very good singer actually. Her song “Patah Hati Ku” and “Masih Aku Cinta” are considered as among the best ever composed by her. Definitely she is multi talented.

She has break through Chinese market. Rarely A Malaysian Malay manage to do that. Her good command *I think so* in Chinese Language has given her good advantage to touch the heart of the audience over there.



Here, with her “Xiang Yi” performance. What else can we say, when we don’t understand her lyric, but we can capture the emotion and pain that she would like to  share via singing. It was a very controlled vocal from low note to high. Her gesture is very well choreograph, and is like dancing by itself but look so natural.


Anyway, love you Shila Hamzah. God bless and hope for more big success ahead.


Diva Review

4 Stars. Beautiful Tone. Her singing is a 1 thousand story of feeling inside.

Our Dream

We really hope, someday, Shila Hamzah would sing a legendary movie or drama OST especially from Wuxia Novel series. Strongly believe that she can bring something that we can remember for a very long time.

Imagine if she sing Condor Lover Ost below.  Trust me, she can do it better.


Condor Lover OST


Shila Amzah - Xiang Yi
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