Jennifer Hudson. One of successful graduate from American Idol. Known as a very powerful vocalist. Good control , great vocal range, superb projection and blessed with beautiful tone. She is truly a diva and in her own league.



My personal pick. Between “I Can’t Let Go” vs “I’m Here”.


I Can't Let Go

I Can’t Let Go

Eventually, I love “I Can’t Let Go” more than the later. Not only the song is very beautiful but also showcase all vocal  strength that JHud has. It does showcase the true of her, that has bring her at par with the like of Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Whitney Houston etc. I love the chorus part that I believe no one can do as good as her. Imagine if we have to do it “Live” in front of full pack audience and critic.




Our Reaction

Diva Review: 5 Stars! Good Control. Superb Studio and Live performer. Crazy belting and Vocal Range.

Jennifer Hudson - I Can't Let Go
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