Sweet cover by Youtuber: Hafiz Zainal

Rendition for Bahagia Mu Derita Ku – Originally Sung by Hafiz Af

You may visit his channel here Youtube

Ahah!, his name is same like the original singer.


By the way, Hafiz Zainal has showcase good control of voice and cool singing.

He delivered very well almost in all aspect. Has rich voice and so colourful with various technique. His crying sensation also was there, although he did not showcase it too much. We think that maybe this is like “suka suka” rendition, so that he was not expressing so much of emotion into it. Hence somehow, the lyric and his singing was disconnected.

The transition from one range to another , from chest to head and vice versa also sounded very smooth.His higher range also was very controlled and still very pleasant to listen to especially during the chorus. This is impressive.

We notice that, Hafiz also was creative that he try to choreograph this song into his own without change the melody too much. So he was not sounded like Hafiz AF at all.

Above all, we are so impress with his big ball mic hahahahah. Hey, don’t you think he is good looking as well. Please don’t be mean, “cute” at least. 🙂

By the way, One of our favourite for Bahagiamu Deritaku cover, of course!

Original Singer

For those who would like to know the original singer, please find below special and live from Hafiz AF

Bahagiamu Deritaku cover by Hafiz Zainal
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